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Welcome to Oak Lawn Community High School Science Department webpage. There is much to share regarding our academic experience and commitment to delivering relevant and engaging science instruction.   


Our department works cooperatively to construct lessons/activities which support academic growth and college/career skill acquisition such as: working cooperatively with peers, following steps to complete tasks, thinking critically, accurate data analysis practice, supporting thoughts/claims with evidence, arriving on time, and meeting deadlines.


To ensure academic growth and college/career skill acquisition, support strategies have been built-in to our curriculum.  For example:

  • Students have multiple opportunities to demonstrate understanding.
  • Retakes are available for specific assessments when high-level learning did not occur on the first attempt.
  • Spartan Plus (academic support with a science teacher) is available to students throughout the week
  • After-School Science Study Hall (academic support with a science teacher) is available by appointment, from 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM Monday-Thursday, throughout the week.


The science department is committed to providing your student with opportunities for academic growth and excellence.  That said, we are requesting your partnership in support of our students.  Here are several effective steps you can take to support learning from home:

  • Read and respond to teacher emails and announcements.
  • Be aware of assignment due dates and assessment dates.
  • Consistently monitor student grades and assignment completion.
  • Encourage your student to communicate with their science teacher.
  • Promote meeting assignment deadlines and prompt arrival to school/class.


Thank you for visiting our web page.  We look forward to building a strong partnership with your family. 



Michael Bielski

Science Department Chair

Oak Lawn Community High School

[email protected]