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Attendance Office 24 Hour Voicemail: (708) 741-5860
Attendance Office Email: [email protected] 

When a student is going to be absent, tardy or must leave early, the parent/guardian must call the attendance office on the day of the absence by 10am (if the student did not turn in a completed prearranged absence form). Failure to report an absence may result in truancy and discipline. The following information is needed:

1.Name of person calling & relationship to the student

2.Student’s name 

3.Student’s ID number

4.Reason for absence

  • If the student knows about an absence/tardy/early sign out in advance, they must complete and return a prearranged absence form to the deans’ office 122 before the date of their absence.
  • Students arriving after 10 minutes of their first class of the day, must sign in at the attendance window. 
  • Students who must leave early, must sign out at the attendance window.
  • Failure to follow proper procedures may result in discipline.
  • Per the student-parent handbook: the following absences/tardies are considered:
    • Excused examples include:
      • personal illness or other physical disablement, 
      • serious illness or death in the student's immediate family, 
      • home emergency (fire, flood, etc.), 
      • religious holidays (with the pre-arranged absence form), 
      • mandatory court appearances (with the pre-arranged absence form), and 
      • other situations beyond the control of the student as determined by the judgment of the deans’ office. 
    • Unexcused examples include:
      • missed bus, 
      • oversleeping, 
      • staying home or skipping a class to do work for another class, 
      • failure to report absences according to the established procedure,
      • unverifiable car trouble, 
      • unfavorable weather conditions, 
      • babysitting family members and 
      • excessive calls/emails.