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1:1 Learning

At OLCHS, every student is given an Apple iPad as a part of their curriculum materials.  Students use these devices as a part of their learning, and teachers use them to instruct students.  We have found that this initiative improves student achievement.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to create a student centered learning environment where technology is utilized to further education, communication, and opportunities for life-long learning. Through the 1:1 initiative, teachers and students will be provided tools to support the curriculum, to increase productivity, to encourage creativity and problem solving, provide universal access and develop 21st century skills. Initial and continuous professional development will provide teachers with the skills and tools needed to integrate 1:1 technology into the curriculum, and provide support to ensure that the technology is being used to its maximum potential in the classroom.


Build the Capacity of our Instructional Teams

The 1:1 environment provides us with the opportunity to…

  • collaborate on common documents and assessments.
  • share course materials over the web.
  • create lessons and student-centered activities
  • promote creativity and critical thinking.
  • enhance curriculum beyond the text.

Plan a Systematic Intervention Program

The 1:1 environment provides us with the opportunity to…

  • place instant assessment tools at the student's fingertips.
  • monitor progress through online Mastery Manager software.
  • addressing multiple learning modalities.

Enhance All Stakeholder Engagement

The 1:1 environment provides us with the opportunity to enhance engagement for…

  • students
  • parents
  • staff
  • local media
  • community
  • business

Develop Our Students' 21st Century Skills

The 1:1 environment provides us with the opportunity to embrace…

  • Life and Career Skills
  • Learning and Innovation Skills – Critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity
  • Information, Media, and Technology Skills
  • Core Subjects – Reading, Writing and Arithmetic and 21st Century Theme

iPad Pilot Program