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The mission of the English Department is to foster a passion for language and literature in students. This involves developing vital abilities such as critical thinking and communication skills to serve students in their academic pursuits, and personal and professional lives. The department is committed to providing a challenging and nurturing environment to facilitate this development.


The vision of the English Department is to nurture individuality by helping every student find and hone his or her unique voice. It envisions a place where students learn to respect the diverse voices of others, laying a foundation for a community enriched with diverse perspectives and mutual respect. The emphasis is on cultivating a space where the passion for language and literature goes hand in hand with empathy and understanding, preparing students for a world where they can thrive as compassionate and informed individuals.

For More Information

Department Chair:  Jeff Vazzana
Contact Email: [email protected]
Phone: 708.424.5200 x5663
Twitter: @OLCHSEnglish