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Spartan Compact

The Oak Lawn Community High School Spartan Compact was developed to reinforce the school's Mission, Vision, and Value Statements. The Spartan Compact clearly identifies the roles of parents, students, and staff members in providing the best learning opportunities within the school-community. 

As a Spartan Parent, I will…

  1. Share my education/behavior expectations with my student and reinforce positive learning habits at home.
  2. View school communications as two-way and contact staff members without hesitation.
  3. Participate in school-related activities that support my student's learning efforts and assist my student in becoming a life-long learner.
  4.  Encourage my student to take an active role in the school-community.
  5. Embody SPARTAN PRIDE.

As a Spartan Student, I will…

  1. Communicate with my parents as often as possible.
  2. Attempt to understand school concepts to the best of my ability.
  3. Promote an environment that is safe, secure, and conducive to learning.
  4. Manage my time wisely.
  5. Take an active role in planning for my future.
  6. Play an active role in my school-community.
  7.  Embody SPARTAN PRIDE.

As a Spartan Staff Member, I will…

  1. Communicate with parents about the academic, emotional, and learning progress of students.
  2.  Assist parents with monitoring coursework and school expectations.
  3. Encourage and provide opportunities for parents to participate in the school-community.
  4. Provide an environment that is safe, secure, and conducive to learning.
  5. Engage students in a rigorous, challenging, and student-centered curriculum.
  6. Embody SPARTAN PRIDE.