Congratulations to the Oak Lawn Theater Program for their success at the IHSA Sectional Tournament this past Saturday. The Group Interpretation, I Kill Giants, and Contest Play, Moby Dick, took home Sectional Championship trophies. Both groups will compete at Sterling High School this weekend to compete in the IHSA State Drama and Group Interpretation competition.    The Sectional Champion Group Interpretation I Kill Giants cast includes Maya Quinonez, Olivia Kobylarczyk, Francesca Crosby, Gianna Golden, Emely Rodriguez, Maggie Sheehan, Olivia Lara, Sophie Mathews, Fotis Patrianakos, and Corinne Ahyee. Maya Quinonez, Olivia Kobylarczyk, Francesca Crosby, Gianna Golden, and Maggie Sheehan were recognized for All-Sectional Cast Members for Group Interpretation.


The Sectional Champion Drama Moby Dick cast includes Orlando Ramirez, Mikey Mills, Max Cipriani, Henry Evers, Billy McNichols, Mustafa Trashani, Oliver Rabideaux, Sam Bergamo, Ethan Zumhagen, Drake Melody, and Emiliano Ruvalcaba. The Crew includes Vasili Patrianakos, Sam Brennan, Anastasia Boothe, Bel Davison, Sienna Delguidice, Emma Galvin, Natalia  Gorlicka, Lily Hansen, Vanessa Hernandez, Kosta Huska, Aimee Lopez, Kai McNulty, Tessa  Medalis, Saeed Mulhem, Fabio Noguera, Cassidy Perry, Shawn Perry, Luke Roskos, Lucia  Sanchez, Amber Trigg, and Karen Varajas. Mikey Mills, Orlando Ramirez, Max Cipriani, Ethan Zumhagen, Henry Evers, Billy McNichols, Mustafa Trashini, Oliver Rabideaux, Sam Bergamo, Drake Melody, Emiliano Ruvalcaba, Vasili Patrianakos, and Sam Brennan were recognized for All-Sectional Cast for Contest Play.


Mike Olsson coaches the theater program with assistants Samantha Elliott, Bob Beland, Paul Harris, Tim Sipple, Ricky Raygoza, and Matt Capriola.  Assistant Principal Marcus Wargin said, “We are very proud of all the cast, crew, and directors for doing so well this past weekend.  Their hard work and dedication have paid off and they have punched their ticket to the state series.  Break a leg, Spartans!”