OLCHS Music Makes Big Impact at the Illinois Music Education Conference

The Oak Lawn High School (OLCHS) Music Department made an impact at the Illinois Music Education Conference held in Peoria over the weekend of January 26th. Representing OLCHS with pride, three outstanding students – Billy McNichols, Mikey Mills, and Polly Olson – earned spots in the All State band and choir ensembles.


Billy McNichols and Mikey Mills showcased their vocal skills, qualifying for the esteemed All State choir. Polly Olson demonstrated her exceptional flute skills, securing a coveted spot in the All State band.

These students not only exemplify the musical excellence fostered at OLCHS but also bring honor to their school on a statewide platform.


In addition to student achievements, the OLCHS faculty played a pivotal role in the conference. They conducted four clinics on Thursday and Friday, offering insights on incorporating pop music into music education to reach the other 80% of non-traditional music education students. The sessions were well- received, affirming OLCHS's commitment to innovative teaching methodologies.


The culmination of Oak Lawn's contributions took place on Saturday morning, featuring a clinic and performances by the commercial music ensembles MME (Modern Music Ensemble), MME Workshop, and the student-run Grupo 95. These showcases not only highlighted the talent within OLCHS but also underscored the school's dedication to diverse musical genres.


Looking ahead, Oak Lawn High School is set to host the inaugural Commercial Music Fest for the Illinois Music Education Association (ILMEA) in April. This event will provide a unique platform for schools statewide to bring their ensembles and music producers together for collaborative endeavors, creative exploration, and mutual performances. Oak Lawn continues to demonstrate leadership in music education, fostering an environment that celebrates both tradition and innovation.