Vega Pumps Energy Into Spartan Soccer As 'Heart Of Midfield'

Speed, determination, and staying power are three crucial ingredients for success on the soccer field. So, for Oak Lawn Community High School’s Kelvin Vega to possess all three, made a huge difference on the field.
Vega simply controlled the midfield, broke up opponents’ plays that were developing, and set up his teammates for a counterattack. All season, Vega provided just what the Spartans needed for success.
“Kelvin’s ball-winning prowess and defensive range was vital to the Spartans’ success this season,” said head coach Nate Joiner. “He screened his back line well and consistently destroyed opponents’ midfield development and was often able to start promising counterattacks with passes forward. Speed, fearlessness, aggression, and stamina were the key attributes that allowed him to be the beating heart of the midfield.”
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