Teaching Tolerance: Students Participate In Civil Rights Freedom Forum

To further encourage inquiry, research, and debate, students in US History classes essentially went back in time to be a part of history.  On March 19, 2019, history teacher Kristin Kuchyt organized a Civil Rights Freedom Forum with four guest speakers: Dr. Peter Kirstein, professor of history at Saint Xavier University; Mr. Thomas Armstrong, co-author of the memoir Autobiography of a Freedom Rider; Mr. Jerry DeMuth, journalist and civil rights activist; and Dr. Peter Orris, physician and civil rights activist. The choir opened the forum with the songs Spiritual and We Shall Overcome. The speakers then discussed their history of involvement in the Civil Rights Movement.

In addition, for cross-curricular purposes, American Literature courses participated by defining what it means to be an American through black out poetry. Consumer Education classes designed a brochure, Photo Club students photographed what they believe makes an individual an American, and Graphic Design students created the banner for the event.

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