Teacher Jennifer Wargin Awarded For Excellence

Oak Lawn Community High School Jennifer Wargin has won the National Art Education Association Western Region Secondary Art Educator of the Year Award. Jennifer is an art educator and instructional coach.  As an instructional coach she provides professional development, supporting teachers as they grow their practice. An original member of the Social Emotional Learning Committee, Jennifer began studying, planning, and integrating SEL competencies into her curriculum early on. Most recently she has developed and continues to refine a model aligning content standards with SEL competencies and essential questions for arts education.
Nick Hostert, Illinois Art Education Association President, said, “Jen exemplifies dedication to Art Education in her leadership and collaboration with fellow professionals. She has been a driving force in aligning arts education with Social Emotional Learning and developing powerful, adaptable frameworks of SEL focused artistic practices aligned with the National Visuals Arts Standards and SEL Core Competencies. Jen has a gift in conveying her knowledge in an approachable, adaptable way that motivates attendees to dive into unchartered territories, knowing Jen will be there to support them along the way.”
In 2018, Jennifer was awarded IAEA’s Secondary Art Educator of the Year. In 2019, she was named an Apple Distinguished Educator.
Oak Lawn Community High School is very proud of the contributions Jennifer Wargin makes to our school and the educational community.  It is her continued effort to improve student learning, put student’s needs first, and train staff to do the same, which our school and these organizations recognize.  We are grateful for all Jennifer does for all our stakeholders! 
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