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One of our OLCHS Art Students of the Quarter is Sebastian Santos nominated by @snapshoted "Sebastian constantly demonstrates an authenticity in his work. He received an honorable mention for his work at the Moraine Valley Art Show- And to top it off- he is Kind!" Mrs. Wargin


Mrs. Cooper's Art Student of the Quarter is Abby Rueda - "She works hard and pays attention to detail. She is great about getting feedback, doing research, planning and sketching. She has technical skills but also life skills such as staying organized and working hard that artists need."



Mr. Clifton's Student of the Quarter: Stella Chinchilla. "Her work throughout the year has been brilliant. This piece is an example of her commitment to explore her talents and hone her techniques as she used stippling to create the added texture to this portrait."



Congratulations to Aleksandria Potoczny for making Business and Computer Education Student of the Quarter. She went above and beyond to work on her "Project Based Learning" assignment and took the lead in organizing all of the submissions into a final web page. What a leader!


Congrats to Tayff Mahmud for making Family and Consumer Sciences Student of the Quarter! She is always trying her best! She is a leader in her group and always willing to lend a hand!


Industrial Technology would like to congratulate Allan McAlpine for Student of the Quarter. Allan has shared tips and tricks that he's learned not only with Mr. Kenny but also the entire class! Congrats Allan!








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Choir/Overall Music Student of the Quarter Layla Nemri is an incredibly hard working, dedicated, talented musician in the OLCHS Choir Program. She consistently strives to improve musical skills and leads by a strong example of musicianship, artistry, and character.


Congratulations to one of the #olchspride Music Students of the Quarter: Tori Marchi! She is a very hard worker and talented musician. In quarter three, Tori performed in the IHSA solo and ensemble competition by playing a challenging solo and leading a classical guitar quartet.




  • Alex Rodriguez-- Alex is a kind and respectful student in Mrs. Mannion’s 11th period class. He is always willing to answer questions during class discussions and provide input as well. He will also ask great questions in class about that topic or something similar. On many occasions, Alex would ask me questions about the day's topic or other health-related topics towards the end of the period/day when class was over just to engage in conversation.



  • Ethan Delk-- Ethan is a great student who sets a great example for his peers on a daily basis. He shows genuine concern about completing the activities in class at the highest level. He consistently checks in about his level of performance and strives to do the best he can. He is a good person and good student. Although this has nothing to do with me nominating him, his twin brother, Jacob was nominated for 2nd quarter SOQ :-)


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  • Logan Wendt-- Logan did extremely well in the dual control phase of the class, he need up with an A for 3rd quarter. For remote learning, Logan has turned all his assignments in, and has done well on his classroom tests.



Emma O’Malley Galvin is the Student of the Quarter



Social Studies Student of the Quarter:

Rosanne Caprio (nominated by Kelly Herlihy)

Rosanne is always engaged in class, and does a wonderful job helping her group members. Rosanne reached out to me in February to make me aware of some issues with another student in class because this student asked her to. That helped me seat the student in a better location and to understand how I could better help (that student) in my class. The fact that this student knew they could ask Rosanne for help and she did it in such a mature and appropriate way is outstanding. Rosanne even stayed on top of her work while out sick for over a week before the school closed.


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