Student Leaders Are Extraordinary

Event emcees seniors Sarah Saleh, Kendallyn Julkowski, and Isabelle Gonzalez with M&P Presentations

Over 125 student leaders attended the annual Student Leadership Conference on November 15.  The theme was “Ordinary is Extraordinary.” 

All club presidents and vice-presidents, varsity team captains, select members of Student Council and National Honor Society and Freshman Academy were invited to participate in the conference.  Students had the opportunity to sharpen leadership skills by participating in numerous small group discussions and activities.  M&P Presentations started the day during an all-school assembly to motivate students.  After making the audience laugh uproariously and encouraging students to go way beyond their comfort zones, M&P stressed the importance of making good decisions and finding joy in the ordinary. 

Conference attendees also earned 1.5 hours of community service at their choice of various locations.

The annual student leadership conference is sponsored by Student Council, National Honor Society and the Spartan Athletic Leadership Team.  Event chaperones included Jennifer Clark, Jeremey Cryan, Karyn Horn, Kelly Kenny, Jeana Lietz, Lauren May, Jessica Nickless, Chris Repa, Jennifer Sidlow, Marcus Wargin and Eileen Wholley.


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