Student Announcements, February 17, 2021

February 17, 2021 09:37 AM

Word of the Week

BLUBBER                blub·ber                                (blŭb′ər)
VERB:                   &nbs​p;    1.  To sob noisily.
SENTENCE: It was a little embarrassing to watch him blubber in class after the papers were passed back.

Stuff You Need to Know

Black History Month: Black Achievement
Each day during Black History Month, the Black Student Union will share information on a topic or person. This week’s theme is Stereotypes and Tropes.
The Strong Black Woman- Black girls are often perceived as being more mature than other girls of the same age and needing less protection and nurturing. This stereotype of the “Strong Black woman” has led to the belief in some medical professionals that Black women have a higher pain tolerance and do not need as much attention as other women do. In history, doctors often tested on Black people because of the belief that they do not feel pain at all! (It was because they weren't seen as human) Another side effect is that studies show that Black women are 3-4 times more likely to die from pregnancy related complications and get severe disabilities after childbirth than their white counterparts. 
Join us for a virtual movie night this Friday at 6PM! We will view and discuss the documentary Hidden Colors. Look for the link Friday in the Student Announcements.
College Rep Visits- Representatives from the following schools will be virtually visiting with Spartans this week: 
Thursday, 2/18 – Quincy University (1:45 pm)
To attend a visit, please sign up to attend in Naviance. To do this:
1. Log into Naviance
2. Click on “Colleges” and “Colleges Home”
3. Scroll down to the bottom right, where you will see a list of college visits scheduled at OLCHS.
4. Select the visit you want to sign up for.
Registration will close one hour before the start of the visit. A link to the visit will be sent to all students registered at the start time of the virtual visit. 
Scholarships/Seniors- Did you know that February has the second largest number of scholarship deadlines? Now is the time for seniors to apply to scholarships to give them the best chance to win. Check out the many new additions to the OLCHS Scholarship Bulletin here:
Tech Help-  If you’re having trouble logging into your classes or having any other tech issues, please email for tech assistance. If possible, include a screen shot of your issue. 


Club/Team News

All Students Interested In Baseball- Any students who are interested in baseball should attend a brief informational meeting on Tuesday, February 23rd at 3:00 PM. This meeting will be for students interested in freshman, sophomore, or varsity baseball. The meeting will be held virtually using the following link:
If you cannot attend this meeting, please email Coach Gerny at


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