Student Announcements, December 20, 2021

December 20, 2021 09:15 AM


whim·si·cal                     &​nbsp;      (wĭm′zĭ-kəl, hwĭm′-)
ADJ.:                          1.  Playful or fanciful
SENTENCE:       Being on the road was no excuse not to be a little whimsical for the season.

Stuff You Need to Know

Special Message from Dean's Office:

Detention will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday after finals. 12:35pm-1:25pm in room 108.

Peer Tutors are available Monday 12/20 to tutor students from 3pm – 4pm. Come to the Media Center Northwest after school if you need help preparing for final exams. No signup needed.

If you forgot to turn in your gift on Friday, PLEASE bring it to Room 215 as soon as possible. The WRAP PARTY for Operation Santa Claus is TODAY in the Student Cafeteria at 3:00pm. EVERYONE is invited to wrap gifts for our adopted families. This is a great way to earn service hours!!

Tech Help - If you’re having trouble logging into your classes or having any other tech issues, please email for tech assistance. If possible, include a screen shot of your issue.

Club/Team News

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