Stress Relief Week During Spartan Plus


As we approach the end of the semester, students sometimes experience stress as they prepare for final exams. To help with this, several teachers are offering Stress Relief sessions during Spartan Plus next week, December 4-8.

Research has shown that tools such as exercise, planning, and mindfulness help students reduce feelings of stress. Along these lines, we will be offering Mindful Meditation with Ms. Lee, Art Therapy with Ms. Wargin, Yoga with Ms. Rafferty, and Relaxation Music with Ms. Perras. Additionally, students can choose to Walk the Track with Mr. Cryan, Make a Study Plan with Ms. Meierkort, go to the Coloring Room with Ms. Jepsen, Puzzle Time with Ms. Kenny, Clay Ornaments with Ms. Clark, or the Movie Room with Dr. Lietz.

Students will be able to sign up for one or more of these in Arena Scheduling in Skyward. It is our hope they will find these sessions relaxing, fun, and educational.



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