Staff Spotlight: Ailysh Cooper


OLCHS welcomes a new art teacher this year: Ailysh Cooper. Ailysh teaches Clay, Extreme Art, and Photography. Ailysh attended Northern Illinois University where she earned her BS Ed. in Art and Design Education. She is a pre-service student advisor for the Illinois Art Education Association and was camp counselor for Northern Illinois University Summer in the Arts Camp.  

Ailysh loves the friendly community of staff, students, and parents, and the amount of Spartan Pride demonstrated in the school.  Her number one goal is to help students to grow not just as artists, but as lifelong learners who are inquisitive about the world around them.  Ailysh believes the art room is a wonderful place to investigate and explore, and she wants to foster a sense of curiosity as students make art that they connect to in a deep way. 

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