Spartans Rise To Technology Challenge At MVCC


Students from the Industrial Tech Department attended the Moraine Valley Community College and Moraine Area Career Systems (MACS) Technology Challenge. On May 5, 2017, two students from Mr. Faro’s Electronics class competed in the electronics portion of the challenge, while six students from Mr. Kenny’s engineering program competed in the inaugural 3D Rapid Prototyping challenge. Ten of the Moraine area high schools were in attendance.

For the Inaugural 3D Rapid Prototype at MVCC this year, Oak Lawn Community High School sent the following students from its Project Lead the Way Program: Dan Duran, Josh Rios, Shane Noone, Jimmy Benson, Thomas Cunningham, and Ramiro Ramos.  These students worked all year long with their classmates to design and develop a 3D printed device that could project a ping pong ball to two multiple distances with close accuracy.  Every single piece of their project had to be 3D printed except for the use of one single rubber band.  The students first had to compete against their own classmates in the level 2 Principles of Engineering course to determine who would represent the school.  These students worked down to the wire, completing their technical drawings, blue prints, and fine tuning their designs to be as accurate as possible. Even with a last-minute part failure, less than 24 hours before the completion, the teams rallied to 3D print a backup part. Oak Lawn Community High School students Dan Duran and Josh Rios placed 2nd overall among seven other schools, and the other team fell just shy of 3rd place.   

Senior Michael Martinez and Junior Zahra Ali competed in the Electronics portion of the challenge. These two students took an online exam testing their knowledge of Ohm’s Law and series and parallel circuit theory. At the challenge the students were tasked with troubleshooting and soldering a circuit board. Zahra Ali impressed everyone by placing 2nd place and winning an Amazon Echo Dot as her prize. Congratulations, Spartans!


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