Spartans Prepare for Halloween 2018


Dressing-up in costumes and celebrating Halloween has become a tradition at OLCHS. The Deans' Office would like to politely remind students if they are going to participate in Halloween on Tuesday, October 31, to make sure their costume is school appropriate and within good judgment of the school dress code.  A student's face cannot ever be covered by a mask or completely covered in face paint. Costumes that are suggestive in nature should not be worn in school.  If a costume does not provide appropriate coverage, wear additional articles of clothing.  Costume props should be safe and appropriate for our crowded hallways.  Please do not bring props that violate the school discipline code such as lookalike weapons, drug paraphernalia, and gang-themed materials.  Any student wearing inappropriate costumes will be asked to change into regular clothing.  Thank you for your cooperation. 

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