Spartans Collaborate With Students In India


Students in Jennifer Wargin’s Photo I class recently collaborated with seventh and eighth grade students from the American Embassy School in New Delhi, India.  The students are members of Mrs. Kimberlynn Strever’s photography class.  Kimberlynn is a 2006 graduate of Oak Lawn Community High School.

The classes began with a mystery chat in which Kimberlynn’s students took pictures around New Delhi after learning about the elements and principles of art and design.  Photo students at Oak Lawn Community High School then used the same guiding elements and principles while on a field trip to downtown Chicago.

The collaboration took place during November and December using Shared Google Slide Show.  Jennifer Wargin said, “We saw an opportunity for our students to participate in a global critique as they identified photographic successes and provided each other constructive feedback. The level of artistic academic conversation shared among the students was a testament to the universal language of art, but the neatest part was the cultural and environmental similarities and differences the students identified and shared with one another, including architecture, living conditions, and even Starbucks!”

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