A big congratulations goes out to the Oak Lawn Community High School Varsity Scholastic Bowl team on winning the SSC Red Conference Championship. The team won by beating Eisenhower 220-60, Evergreen Park 230-70, and conference powerhouse Argo by a score of 190-40. This was a true team effort led by Senior All-Conference member Brendan Gallian, Senior All-Conference member Quinn Haywood, Senior Sajida Mulhem, Senior Matthew Perry, Senior Timothy Weber, Senior Jonathan Mexicano and Senior Mohammad AlSheikh. The Junior Varsity  team finished a great season with incredibly exciting matches, including a close loss to Argo. Shawn Perry and Allie Gabriel earned all-Conference honors with their incredible performance this year. 


    Coach Pat DiFillipo beamed with pride when he said, “It was great to get an opportunity to face Argo again in the Conference finals. The Argo team has ended Oak Lawn’s hopes of a Conference Championship for the last two years. They are an excellent program, so it was great to get that win.” Varsity stud Quinn Haywood added, “Being a part of Scholastic Bowl for four years and always falling just short of winning conference motivated not only myself but the rest of the team, too. Without the support from Brendan Gallian and his inspirational messages, I don't think we would've been able to secure our white whale.


Please wish the team luck as they try to add a Regional Championship on March 6, 2023.

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