Spartan Artists Shine In Competitions



Spartan art students have been busy earning awards this semester.  From January 27, 2020 to February 21, 2020,  student artists participated in the South Suburban Regional High School Art Exhibition.  Out of hundreds of art pieces, two very deserving students won summer scholarships to continue their arts education.  Junior Dulce Garcia was awarded a summer class at South Suburban College for her painting and sophomore Elliot Flores was awarded a summer scholarship to the American Academy of Art.  These two students have shown dedication to their craft and we are excited to see what next year brings for both students in AP Studio Art.

In early March, art students participated in the Moraine Valley High School Art Show.  This is an important show that highlights the work from many schools in Oak Lawn Community High School’s conference and surrounding suburbs.  Spartans faired extremely well this year with The Art Institute of Chicago awarding our very own Elliot Flores with a summer scholarship!  This is a high honor and the entire Spartan community is proud of Elliot.  In addition to the summer scholarship for the Art Institute of Chicago, Elliot won 1st place from her own Oak Lawn Community High School.

Other amazing artists include 2nd place Patricia Perez and 3rd place Sara Zimbron who won monetary awards for their exceptional work. Honorable mentions  included Tatiana Fernandez, Aesha Qaisi, , Yaqoot Salloum, and Zuzanna Lekarczyk for their drawing and paintings, Sara Zimbron for another ceramic sculpture, and Amanda Unger and Sebastian Santos for their photography.  Congratulations!

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