Scholastic Bowl All-Sectional Winner Two Years Running


Amin Al Ashqar has followed in a long line of fantastic Spartan Scholastic Bowl captains, but has accomplished a feat none have done up to this point: being honored as an All-Sectional winner for two seasons.  Amin's Senior season started off with a bang by recording a startling 49 toss-ups at the Illinois High School Scholastic Bowl Coaches Association kickoff tournament in November, with the next highest teammate recording 7.  Amin continued his dominance throughout the South Suburban Conference, earning another 49 toss-ups throughout the 4 match season, before putting on an impressive showing in the team's 3rd place overall finish.  The Regional meet was Amin's chance to shine outside of his conference competitors, finishing with 9 toss-ups over two matches.  However, in a true testament to his character, Amin agreed to substitute himself out during a match to give his fellow Senior team members a chance to compete in their final meet.

For his Scholastic Bowl career, Amin earned an amazing total of 221 toss-ups, a remarkable accomplishment given he only competed in three seasons.  He is without a doubt the total package when it comes to being a leader and captain, and has served as a great role model for his peers and teammates.  His presence will be missed next year, but the Spartans will be returning a strong team full of Freshmen, Sophomore, and Juniors that all earned toss-ups and valuable experience this season.

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