SADD Makes Holiday Cards For Manor Care Residents


SADD club decided to sponsor a "Holiday card making party" for three days (December 12, 13, and 14) after school. They supplied the materials for card-making as well as cookies, popcorn, and juice. All students were invited to attend, and they averaged around 10 students a day. Additionally, they asked various Spartan Advisories and Spartan Plus classes to help. The media center also agreed to host a "card making" station where students could contribute by making cards. Over 180 cards were made!

SADD also organized a walking field trip to Manor Care on December 21.  Mr. Brida led 8 students to the facility, where they met with residents. Students handed out these cards to every resident on site, and read the cards to any resident that accepted their invitation to do so. 

Mr. Brida reports that this was a great experience for the students that emphasized the importance of reaching out to spread holiday joy to those in need. Each student took time out of their personal lives to selflessly give to others in our community. The residents accepted SADD with open arms, and the result was a resounding success.

Photograph:  SADD-Holiday-Cards.jpg

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