Recruiting Help For Aspiring College Athletes


Figuring out exactly what to do, what is expected or where to start when it comes to high school athletes aiming to play athletics at the next level can be an overwhelming proposition. However, Oak Lawn Community High School and keynote speaker Jack Renkens are offering an opportunity to learn all about the college recruiting process and make it more manageable for players and families.

On Monday, Oct. 21, at 7:00 p.m., OLCHS will offer this presentation by Renkens to dispel myths, present the facts, and break down just what is involved in the NCAA recruiting process. The presentation will take place in the OLCHS Little Theater.

Renkens’ program has been featured at thousands of schools across the country and on numerous television programs over the years. He founded Recruiting Realities to help high school athletes navigate the waters of the recruiting process. His whole purpose is to ensure that families interested in collegiate athletics “know the rules.”

For more information, contact OLCHS Athletic Director Jeremy Cryan at 708-741-5623 or Lucy A. Cohen or at 480-540-0040.

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