Progress Made With Cafeteria Services, Still Work To Be Done


OLCHS students and staff have observed progress with the quality and selection of entrees being served in the cafeteria this past week. K-12 by Elior has improved the entrees and menu selection each day. On Thursday, K-12 served over 1,006 free lunches. The day was popular with 879 students selecting the homemade pizza entrée.


The snack shop opened on Thursday, providing students with options to purchase snack items. Next week, a-la-carte options will be available for purchase and a nacho/taco bar will be offered as part of the free meal selection.


Although K-12 stumbled the first week in meeting food service expectations, the District has observed significant improvements this past week. The improvements were personally witnessed by Board of Education Officers and the administration. The District will continue to hold K-12 by Elior to the standard expected of serving freshly prepared, nutritious, and appetizing meals.


As the District combats the ongoing negative social media posting and misinformation, we will continue to communicate directly with our parents and students. Posted within this message are photographs of the food that was prepared and served this past week.


The District also welcomes parents to visit our cafeteria during the school day to observe first-hand the food operations, to taste the entrees, and/or to eat with their students. Parents interested in scheduling a visit should contact Assistant Superintendent Joseph McCurdy at 708/424-5200 or email


Parents interested in placing money on their student’s ID card for cafeteria purchases should use Skyward Family Access to add the money to their account. Students can also add money to their account by providing the cafeteria cashier with a check payable to OLCHS.


We encourage all of our families to share this K-12 by Elior job application link with anyone interested in working in our kitchen. The employment hours are flexible and work well with parents of school-aged children looking to be home when their student is not in school.  


The following photographs were taken this past week in our student cafeteria. The photographs accurately represent the on-site food preparations and menu items being served to our students and staff. 

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