Principal Lietz Addresses The Student Body


On Wednesday, May 24, 2017, Principal Dr. Jeana Lietz addressed the student body about the May 22, incident.  Below is the message that was stated over the school’s public address system.

Good morning everyone, this is Dr. Lietz.

I wanted to take a few minutes to address a situation that occurred this week and has disrupted our school environment.

On Monday, two students were involved in a fight in the hallway.  The fight was then recorded by multiple students and has been circulating social media, making its way to the press.

I want to express how upset and disappointed I am by the entire situation. I, and the rest of the adults in this building, take school security and your safety here very seriously.   I feel that the actions of the individuals involved directly in the fight do not represent OLCHS or the students here.  I am also very disappointed in the number of students who chose to pull out their phones and record the event, and then post it on social media. 

At the beginning of the year I met with all of you and talked about Spartan PRIDE, and the words and meaning are posted all over our halls.  The actions that occurred on Monday are not what we do as Spartans; it does not embody Spartan Pride.  Spartans take pride in their school, they have integrity, and they take personal responsibility for their actions.  Posting videos of a violent, and potentially deadly, situation does not show integrity or pride.  It glorifies the situation, and sends an embarrassing message about the kind of school that OLCHS is.

The students involved in the fight are facing severe consequence, from external suspension, up to and including expulsion. The Oak Lawn Police are also involved. 

I would hope that a situation like this will never happen again.  In the future, I hope that if you ever feel threatened or believe that a fight may occur, that you think about your actions first and always contact an adult- your teacher, advisory teacher, counselor, dean, or me to report a situation before it becomes violent.  If you are in the hallway and witness the beginnings of a fight or even yelling at one another, please report it to the nearest adult immediately so that we can get help.

I am extremely disappointed that this is how we had to end the year here at OLCHS.  We have worked hard this year to build our culture of Spartan PRIDE and show the community what a great school and students we have. As Spartans, we protect our school and each other from danger. I hope that we can put this event in our past, learn from it, and begin next school year as true Spartans- exhibiting Spartan PRIDE.

Good luck on the rest of your finals, and feel free to come talk to me or any adult if you feel in danger or threatened in any way.

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