Below you will find messages sent out to the parents or students from OLCHS.  For information directly related to Remote Learning and please visit our Remote Learning page.  



Remote Learning Meal Options

Student Supports and Community Counseling 

OLCHS Student Services Department Resources

Community Support for Bills or Food

Mental Health Resource List Provided by Illinois State Board of Education


Illinois Department of Human Services - Call4Calm

  • Individuals who want to speak to a mental health professional can text "TALK" or "HABLAR" to 552-020.  Within 24 hours, that individual will receive a call from a mental health professional employed by a local community health center.  
  • People can also text "unemployment" or "food" or "shelter" to the same number to receive information on how to navigate or access supports and services.  

Pillars Community Health Resources during COVID-19 Crisis

  • Confidential 24-hour Sexual Assault Hotline (708.482.9600)
  • Confidential 24-hour Domestic Violence Hotline (708.485.5254)
  • Free telephone counseling, legal advocacy, undisclosed violence shelter and all services available in English, Spanish & Arabic.  




UPDATED 4-23-2020



On Friday, April 17, Governor Pritzker extended the school closure through the end of the school year.  While we are saddened by this news, it was not unexpected and we want to assure families and students that we are prepared to continue with Remote Learning. 
Here is some important information regarding the Remote Learning schedule and grading policy.  
First and foremost, learning is our goal.  Students need to engage in remote work as teachers continue to develop lessons.  Work completed during Remote Learning will be assessed and students are required to engage in the learning process.  
Because we now know that we will not return to campus this school year, we are announcing several important updates to our Remote Learning plan.
1)   We will continue our alternating A/B schedule until Friday, May 8. Beginning Monday, May 11, school days will be dedicated to remediation and enrichment. Attendance will still be taken on these days.  Remote Learning Calendar.
2)   We are adding 5 Staff Remote Learning Planning Days to our schedule.  These will be non-attendance days for students.  Students will not sign in to Skyward on these dates.
a)    Friday, April 24
b)   Monday, May 11
c)    Tuesday, May 12
d)   Thursday, May 21
e)    Friday, May 22
3)   There will be no final exams for this semester. Student grades will be based solely on coursework.
4)   In the absence of final exams, semester grades will be calculated using Quarter 3 grades as a baseline. The chart below illustrates how semester grade outcomes will be determined.
Grading Outcome #1
Grading Outcome #2
Grading Outcome #3
"Student Improves Grade"
"Student Maintains Grade"
"Student Does Not 
Engage in Learning"
If a student grade improves due to Remote Learning engagement and/or remediation of prior essential targets, the new grade will be the higher grade no matter what grade was in the gradebook prior to Remote Learning.
If a student was consistently engaged in Remote Learning, the new grade will be equivalent to their grade prior to Remote Learning.
Exceptions include students who began Remote Learning with a D or F. They will receive a P for "pass."
If a student did not consistently engage in learning activities during Remote Learning, the new grade will be a P for "pass."
Students who began Remote Learning with a F and did not engage in remediation activities will be assigned an "I" for incomplete. Those students will be required to complete assigned remediation activities when in-person instruction resumes.
Here are some guiding principles for semester grades: 
  • All outcomes are determined by student choice/action. Our goal is for learning to continue, and the scheduled remediation days from May 8 to the end of the school year are structured for ALL students to engage with the key learning activities from their courses. Teachers, counselors, and administrators are ready to assist students who may be struggling to engage in Remote Learning.
  • Engaged students will receive traditional letter grades that are equal to or higher than third quarter grade. This process honors the learning process and maintains grades for students who have shown continued engagement at the passing level.
  • Disengaged students maintain progress toward graduation based on their grade at the end of third quarter. The P indicates they have received credit for the course and is not calculated into GPA. There is no loss of academic standing associated with a P.  Dual Credit students must earn an A, B, C in order to receive Moraine Valley credit.
  • Students who receive an Incomplete (I) will be supported when in-person instruction resumes.

UPDATE 4-20-2020 - Message from Dr. Riodan

Dear OLCHS District 229 Community,

I hope that this letter finds you and your families safe and well.  On Friday, Governor Pritzker announced that schools will remain closed for the rest of the school year. We are following the state’s directive to continue remote learning for all students through our last day of school on May 22.  Although in-person learning has been suspended for the remainder of the year, at Oak Lawn Community High School, I assure you our entire staff remains committed to learning and engaging with all students through our remote learning program.

We are all saddened by the reality that our school community will not be able to reconvene in person this school year due to this public health crisis. Our students have worked so hard to learn and grow in both the classroom and in extracurricular activities that this announcement may feel like a step back.  However, the final chapter of this school year has not yet been written. These past few weeks have proven our school community is incredibly resilient, capable and compassionate. I’m confident our collective strength will shine through during the remainder of the school year, and we will emerge even stronger.

Having said that, Friday’s announcement will result in significant and multiple scheduling changes in our school.  Please be patient as we work to get information to you in the coming weeks. At this point, most district events and activities scheduled through the end of the year have been canceled or moved to a virtual setting.  Graduation and prom are the only events tentatively rescheduled. We will continue to monitor directives from the state to determine if we will be able to safely hold these events this summer.

School Districts 122 and 123 will continue to offer curbside pick-up of grab and go breakfast and lunch at no cost for all students through the end of the school year. Pick-up locations are at Simmons Middle School and Oak Lawn-Hometown Middle School between 9:00 am and 11:00 am, Monday through Friday.

I believe that OLCHS is an outstanding school because of our partnership with our parents. I want to thank our parents for their support as we have experienced this crisis. I know many families have faced challenges over the past month. It isn’t easy to juggle working at home alongside your child’s remote learning activities. Thank you for encouraging your children to engage and do their best.  We would like your feedback as we plan for another month of remote learning. Please complete this parent survey to assist us!

We anticipate having further decisions related to summer activities as more guidance becomes available from the state. We will continue to update you as we receive more information. In the meantime, please visit our webpage for updated information.

It is important that we continue to work together and support our students. I can't thank you enough for all that you are doing as we all work together through this. 


Michael Riordan, Superintendent

Oak Lawn Community High School District 229


UPDATE 4-1-2020

Good Morning Spartan Families,

Today is the first day students begin coursework during this Remote Learning time.  We would just like to give you some updates and reminders.


  • Yesterday, the Governor extended the stay-at-home proclamation until April 30.  This means students will continue to participate in Remote Learning through the month of April.
  • During Remote Learning, students are expected to engage in schoolwork daily.  Beginning today teachers will be communicating content and activities as well as engaging with students through email, discussion board posts, and online sessions. 
  • Please make sure your students are logged in by 10 AM for attendance and then checking in with their teacher’s instructions.
  • Staff will grade assignments and continue to enter grades in Skyward.  Students who do not participate in these assignments will be expected to complete the work when we return in May or in the summer. Please encourage your student to set aside time for coursework each day and to reach out if they need support.
  • April events will be cancelled, postponed, or held virtually.  Please see the website calendar for information.  We are currently exploring options for May events and will inform you as soon as possible regarding major events.
  • Resources and instructions for Remote Learning can be found on our website.

Please continue to reach out with any questions.  Campus is currently closed, but all staff are working remotely and available for assistance. 


UPDATE 3-30-2020

Message from Dr. Lietz to Families


I hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy and practicing social distancing  As we navigate this current school closure we would like to give you an update for this week.

  • Tomorrow, Tuesday, March 31, begins our period of Remote Learning.  With guidance from the state, we have developed a Remote Learning plan that will allow students to continue to learn from home.  Please see Friday’s email from Dr. Lietz or the school website for details.
  • Tomorrow all students should sign-in on Skyward by 10:00 AM for attendance and then check each teacher's instructions for how Remote Learning will look in each of their courses.
  • Wednesday begins our new Remote Learning Schedule. Students should begin receiving assignments and completing work on Wednesday.
  • Work moving forward can impact a student’s grade and staff will work very hard to keep students engaged in the learning process.  This will require a team effort; please help us support your students' learning.
  • As of today, Remote Learning is scheduled to continue until Tuesday, April 7.  We expect that after yesterday’s directive from the president this date may change.  We will keep you updated as we receive information.
  • There have been several questions about upcoming events.  As decisions are made about cancellations or postponements we will update our school’s website calendar.  One significant cancellation is the April 14th SAT. At this time the state is looking to find a fall date to reschedule the SAT for our current Juniors.
  • Dr. Lietz has prepared a message for students and it can be viewed at this link. We encourage you to watch the video with your student and use it to start a discussion about how they will continue learning at home.  Please review the Tips for Students and Tips for Parents resources.
  • If your student has a broken iPad, we will still provide technical support during these remote learning days. iPad support can be reached by emailing In an effort to reduce time spent on campus and practice proper social distancing, we will attempt to address all support requests remotely. For issues that cannot be resolved remotely, including broken devices, we will schedule a time for your student to come to campus.

We will continue to send out information as we receive it.  Please reach out if you have questions and do not hesitate to contact us if you need support in any way.  Our main phone line will be open and a receptionist will answer your calls from 8:00 am until 2:00 pm Monday-Friday.  The number is: (708) 424-5200.


Thank you and Stay Safe!


UPDATE 3-27-2020

Message from Dr. Lietz to Families


Good Afternoon.  We hope that you and your family have found time to enjoy spring break.  As we prepare to return to virtual school next week, we would like to share some important updates and reminders:

  • The Governor's school closure proclamation has been extended until April 7. At this time the earliest students will be able to return to OLCHS is Wednesday, April 8. 
  • OLCHS will move to Remote Learning beginning on Tuesday, March 31.  Remote Learning is going to be a shift from our regular eLearning plan.  eLearning was designed to get us through an emergency closure school lasting a day or two.  We need to continue to adjust how we deliver quality instruction while not physically at school to ensure that students continue to learn.
  • Moving forward, students will follow the Remote Learning plan outlined below.  Teachers will be sharing their course plans with students and will then have designated time throughout the week to be available for students.  We believe that students and families will find this schedule structured enough to promote learning while also being flexible enough to meet the needs of your household.
  • Just as they have done on each eLearning day, please remember to have your student sign-in to Skyward daily beginning Tuesday, March 31 by 10:00 am.  This needs to be done using their student Skyward account, not your parent account.  For student Skyward, or other tech help issues, please email, or call and leave a message at (708) 424-4740.  If your student is ill or cannot participate in a Remote Learning day, please call the Attendance Line at: 708-741-5860.
  • We will continue to update our website with information for students and their families.  We will also send out more information on Remote Learning and any updates from the state on Monday.  

Please refer to the attached document for some helpful tips for parents. We encourage you to have a discussion with your student regarding the expectations for the upcoming weeks. Emphasize they are required to put in time for school. It might take a few days before you and your student fall into this new routine.  As always, we are here to support our students and school community. If you need any assistance, please email us (Dr. Lietz:, Mr. Wargin:, Mrs. May  

Thank you for your continued support.  

Remote Learning Resource and Tips for Parents

Remote Learning Resource and Tips for Students

Remote Learning Website Information

Remote Learning Schedule - Spanish

Remote Learning Schedule - Arabic


Schedule A



1-6/7 & Zero Hour

Schedule B



7/8 - 11

Schedule C


Spartan Plus

No designated meets

9:00 am

Students check email and online platforms for info from teachers

Zero Hour

Students check email and online platforms for info from teachers

Students check email and online platforms for info from teachers

Students sign-in to Skyward for attendance by 10:00 am

10:00 am

Period 1

Period 7/8, 7/9, 8/9


Spartan Plus:

Students work on assignments throughout the day and contact teachers as needed

11:00 am

Period 2

Period 10

12:00 pm

Period 5/6, 5/7, 6/7

Period 11

By 1:00 pm

Students contact teachers with any questions by 1:00 PM

Students contact teachers with any questions by 1:00 PM

By 2:00 pm

Students check email and online platforms for updates from teachers







March 30 - eInstitute for teachers

March 31 - Remote Learning Tutorial for Students 

April 1 - Schedule A

April 2 - Schedule B 

April 3 - Schedule C

April 6 - Schedule A

April 7 - Schedule B 

April 8* - Schedule A

April 9* - Schedule B 

April 10* - No School

April 13* - Schedule A

April 14* - Schedule B 

April 15* - Schedule A

April 16* - Schedule B 

April 17* - Schedule C

*Note- April 8 - 17 have not officially been determined as remote learning days as of 3/26/20.


UPDATE 3-20-2020

Message from Dr. Lietz to Students

Good morning.. Today is Day 5 of eLearning!  And our last day of school before SPRING BREAK!

Here are some quick announcements.

  • Use your Spring Break time to get caught up with any assignments you may not have been doing this week.  Even though it cannot hurt your grade, you are still responsible for knowing the material… teachers may give tests and quizzes about information covered in eLearning activities and assignments. Continue to check email and social media for updates during this closure.
  • School is closed next week.  But we will be checking emails. Reach out if you have any questions.
  • Monday, March 30 will be an eInstitute Day for our teachers, so students will not need to sign-in for attendance.  Students should use this time to catch-up on their eLearning assignments from this week, and prepare for the week ahead. 
  • We will keep you updated on school re-opening.  Right now, our plan is that we will be back in the building on Tuesday, March 31.  However, the administration is constantly watching and evaluating the guidance from the CDC, the Illinois Department of Public Health, and the Governor’s Office.


Hashtag challenge for today:

On Fridays we wear green--even at home. So, put on ALL the Spartan gear you can and take a pic and hashtag it #WearAllTheStuff #olchspride #onFridaysWeWearGreen.  The goofier the better, and the most gear on wins! If you don’t have Spartan-gear, wear green!


I really hope that I will get to see you all soon! Please email me or tag me on Twitter to keep me informed about what life is like for you while staying home. STAY HOME and be safe!


UPDATE 3-19-2020

Message from Dr. Lietz to Students

It is day 4 of eLearning!!!!  (I never thought I would say that!)


If some of you are still having trouble with connecting to the internet, here are some options for you:

  • We still have a few mobile hotspots available.  Come up to the school today or tomorrow between 8 am and 2 pm and we will be able to loan one out to you.
  • Xfinity WiFi Free For Everyone: Xfinity WiFi hotspots across the country will be available to anyone who needs them for free – including non-Xfinity Internet subscribers. For a map of Xfinity WiFi hotspots, visit Once at a hotspot, consumers should select the “xfinitywifi” network name in the list of available hotspots, and then launch a browser.
  • If your family is looking into adding internet services at this time, please see this link for information about Comcast extending their Internet Essentials program free to qualifying households.
  • While practicing good social distancing, you can pick up a WiFi signal in our parking lots- no need to come into the building.  Sit in your car, or sit on the curb/sidewalk outside the Southwest Highway doors, and you should catch the WiFi signal pretty good.

Today’s topic: As Elsa says, “Into the Unknown”

  • Some of you have been asking what is going to happen with the rest of the school year, and the events associated with that (Prom, Relay for Life, Graduation, etc..).  At this point, we are hopeful that we will all be able to return to campus and the events important to you, and we will continue to update you as often as possible.
  • Your grades will NOT be harmed, only helped by this closure. Many teachers are going to be offering extra points for work this week, so make sure to check in with your teachers. As I reminded you yesterday, that’s why it is important and necessary to keep up with eLearning.  It’s natural to worry about your grades, but we also want to be sure you stay healthy and focused until we can come back together.

Here are some tips to help keep you beat boredom, stay healthy, and remain calm:

  1. Try some new online workouts.  Down Dog has a suite of apps (Yoga, HIIT, Meditation,etc..)  that are free to you if you sign up using your OLCHS email. Youtube has some great videos to try too.  
  2. Stream your favorite movies/old tv shows.  Did you know that Frozen 2 just dropped on Disney+?
  3. Try  They are offering a free trial during this school closure and offer calming music, podcasts, and videos.  
  4. Social distancing guidelines make in person gatherings a no-go, but consider a video chat with friends. You can FaceTime with up to 32 people or use a Google Hangout/Meet.


Hashtag challenge:

Yesterday had a great response!  Thanks to Sami, Diego, Jennifer, Emma, Kathleen, Aisha, Omar, Mike, Izziedallas, Mr. Levy, Ms. Meierkort, the Deans Office, and the Student Services Offices for showing us how they #learnanywhere!

Everyone who participated yesterday and participates today gets entered for some really sweet prizes!  

Today’s challenge: 

Now that you are at home with your sisters, brothers, dogs, cats, pets, grandparents, etc… Tell me something that they are doing, but call them your classmates.  And hashtag it #mynewclassmate #olchspride Bonus points if you add in a picture.

“For example, my classmate is requiring that I pet his head and he stay within 3 inches of me at all times. #olchspride #mynewclassmate.”

You can use social media (Twitter, Instagram, TikTok) or email it to me and I’ll post it!  

UPDATE 3-18-2020

OLCHS Families,


As you may have heard on the news or social media, Governor Pritzker has classified these next few days of school closure as “Act of God” days. We are all still learning about the implications, and we want to share with you the most current information that we have.


Continued Learning During School Closure 

First of all, these 6 days will not need to be made up at the end of the year. This will therefore shorten our school year by that many in-person learning days. The expectations for mastering our curriculum stay the same, and we are fortunate to have our eLearning system in place to achieve that learning. Your student should continue to record their attendance in Skyward each day this week and check in with teachers regarding learning activities.


During this closure, the current guidance from the state is that work completed during this time should not impact a student’s academic standing. Teachers will continue to assess your student’s work and give them feedback on their learning just as we do on any other day. However, based on guidance from the state, teachers will be recording assignments for Tuesday through Friday in Skyward as “No Count” so that course grades will not be impacted. We know that feedback is essential to the learning process, and nothing has changed that for us. Every day, we are receiving updated guidance from the state regarding this issue, and we will communicate new information to students and families as needed. 


Some students may question why it is important to work hard and continue to learn during this period if official grades are not being assigned. The answer to this question is that it is vital that students continue to develop their academic skills on a daily basis, as research shows that reading, writing, and mathematical fluency will decrease over time if not practiced.


In short, the less frequently students use these skills during this school closure, the more time it will take them to get their fluency back when we return to normal. Please continue to support your student as he or she participates in eLearning activities. Additional information about supporting your student’s mental health can be found below.


Please know that OLCHS staff is ready to assist our students and families. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


Technical Support

If you are having any technological issues, please email or call (708) 424-4740 and leave a message. If your student is sick and/or unable to do eLearning today, please call the attendance line at (708) 741-5860.


How to Support Your Teen’s Mental Health

Our Student Services department recognizes that this can be a very stressful time for all families and their children.  Our counselors and social workers are available to conference with students during our eLearning days, so please reach out to your student’s school counselor if you have questions about supporting your student through this crisis.  Below are some resources shared by Student Services.


The following suggestions can help students and adults cope with stress and/or anxiety and de-escalate:


  • Try deep breathing: Take a series of 10 deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth. Hold each breath for 5 seconds, slowly releasing on your exhale. Deep breathing can trigger the body’s relaxation response, reducing your feelings of anxiety. 
  • Go for a walk: Allow adequate time to clear your mind as you walk and enjoy the senses around you. Any exercise is also helpful, there are YouTube videos available for modified home exercise.
  • Stretching, yoga or meditation: HeadSpace, Calm, or other apps offer some free guided practices
  • Talk to a friend, parent, family member or trusted adult
  • Journal about the problem or stress
  • Draw or paint
  • Listen to music
  • Get enough rest
  • Use positive self-talk. Learn to say positive things to yourself such as, “I can do this,” or “I will get through this.”


UPDATE 3-17-2020


Meals Available to our OLCHS Spartans 

Oak Lawn Community High School students are eligible to participant in the community “Grab & Go” meal packages sponsored by Ridgeland School District 122 and Oak Lawn-Hometown School District 123. The meals are available to every OLCHS student and children ages 0-18 in the community. This program will provide a "Grab and Go" meal package that will include a breakfast and lunch on a daily basis at no cost. Participation requires no advanced registration. Just show up, grab, and go!  

The meals are available at the following two locations:

Simmons Middle School, District 122

6450 95th St, Oak Lawn, IL 60453

Weekdays between 9:00 am to 11:00 am. (Beginning Thursday, March 19)

Oak Lawn-Hometown Middle School, District 123

5345 99th St, Oak Lawn, IL 60453

Weekdays between 9:00 am to 12:00 pm (Beginning Wednesday, March 18)

Detailed Information:

Simmons Middle School, District 122

  • Date:   Beginning on Thursday, March 19 and to continue for the duration of the school closure, including Spring Break.
  • Time:  Weekdays between 9:00am to 11:00am (maybe modified based on demand)
  • Where:  Simmons Middle School - enter off of 95th Street and proceed straight to the rear of the building (see the attached map for pickup)
  • How:  This will be a "drive-thru" style pick-up.  Please remain in your vehicles.  If you intend to walk, please stay on the sidewalk, as you make your way to the rear of the building

Oak Lawn-Hometown Middle School, District 123

Meals can be picked up at Oak Lawn-Hometown Middle School from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. on weekdays throughout the upcoming school closures. To keep all of our families and staff members safe, we are asking that our meal pickups be contact-free. The details for how-to pick-up meals at OLHMS are listed below:

  • Drive into the main parking lot (North side of Building) (See Map)
  • Pull up to Door #1, located off of 99th St.
  • A staff member will walk the meals out to your car and may write down the name of any students receiving meals.
  • Please remain in your car and wait for someone to bring you the meals.
  • If you intend to walk to the school to pick up meals, please walk to the designated entrance (Door #1) and wait outside for a staff member to bring you meals.
  • "Grab and Go" Pickup Map

Please remember that as things evolve, the school may need to update the plans as we all work together to keep families safe and our students fed. Thank you for your cooperation and continued support!


eLearning Day 2 (Message from Dr. Lietz to Students)



1. We want you to know that we miss seeing you every day, but we are still thinking about all our favorite Spartans.  Our entire student body, along with all the teachers and staff, has done an amazing job being flexible, patient, and demonstrating Spartan PRIDE. Thank you!

2. As you may have heard on the news or social media, Governor Pritzker has classified these next few days of school closure as “Act of God” days. We are all still learning about the implications, and we want to share with you the most current information that we have.

  • These 6 days will not need to be made up at the end of the year.
  • You should continue eLearning/Signing into Skyward for attendance until Friday when our Spring Break begins. We are currently planning to return to school on Tuesday, March 31. 
  • That means you should continue to record your attendance in Skyward each day this week and check in with teachers regarding learning activities. 
  • Teachers will continue to assess your work and give you feedback on your learning just as we do on any other day. However, based on guidance from the state, teachers will be recording assignments for Tuesday through Friday in Skyward as “No Count.” We know that feedback is essential to the learning process, and nothing has changed that for us.

Here’s the other thing we can share: We can’t predict the future. We don’t know what the Governor or the state board will decide about future school days. All we can do is to continue to be patient and flexible. 

Continue to be engaged with our school through technology including checking email for updates, logging onto Skyward and your classroom apps, and following our hashtag #olchspride on social media.

Most importantly, we can be there for each other (while practicing social distancing!). 

All of your teachers and school staff are here for you...don’t hesitate to email us!

Dr. Lietz, Mrs. May, and Mr. Wargin



UPDATE 3-16-2020

eLearning Day 1


Today marks the first day of eLearning. Please take a moment to read all shared information.  Here are some tips for today:

  • eLearning will be active from Monday, March 16 - Friday, March 20.  Students are responsible to sign-in to Skyward daily by 10:00 AM for attendance and to complete work as assigned for each class.  For more information regarding eLearning please visit the eLearning page on our website.   
  • If you are having any technological issues, please email or call (708) 424-4740 and leave a message. If your student is sick and/or unable to do eLearning today, please call the attendance line at (708) 741-5860.
  • Remember that assignments for each course will be posted by 10:00 AM. Teachers will be available throughout the day via email. In general, all teachers will be connected between 10:00 - 11:30 a.m. for students to contact and ask questions should they need additional assistance. Emails received by 1:00 pm will be returned by 3:00 pm. Please submit assigned work to your teachers. 
  • If you forgot materials at school, you can return to school today between 9AM - 2PM to quickly pick them up.  When you arrive on campus please call (708) 424-5200 and a staff member will assist you. 
  • This can be a very stressful time for families and students.  Here are just a few resources to help

Managing Anxiety and Stres

 Coping With Stress During Infectious Disease Outbreak

Talking To Your Children About COVID-19

Covid-19 Information (Arabic)


As always, we are committed to the safety and well being of all students and staff. If you need assistance, please reach out to your guidance counselor or a school administrator. OLCHS will continue to send updates and information regarding the school closings throughout the week.  Be safe, Spartans.



UPDATE 3-13-2020


Beginning Monday, March 16, OLCHS will close its campus to students and activate eLearning as a precautionary measure.  This decision was made to safeguard the health and wellness of all students and staff based on current guidance regarding large gatherings. In an abundance of caution, all extracurricular activities and events scheduled at the school have been cancelled starting on Monday, March 16.  Please see details below:


  • eLearning will be active from Monday, March 16 - Friday, March 20.  Students are responsible to sign-in to Skyward daily by 10:00 AM for attendance and to complete work as assigned for each class.  For more information regarding eLearning please visit the eLearning page on our website.   
  • Spring Break is still scheduled for March 23 - March 27.
  • All winter IHSA state series have been cancelled.  This includes Sectionals and State Drama/Group Interpretation and Journalism.
  • As of today, classes and school related events and activities are expected to resume on Monday, March 30, 2020. 

This decision is based on the latest information available and is one aspect of the proactive procedures instituted by District 229 to protect the health and welfare of students and staff members amid the global COVID-19 pandemic. We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as required.


Updated 3/12/2020


To All Oak Lawn Community High School Students, Families, and Staff,

Oak Lawn Community High School continues to actively monitor information regarding COVID-19 and follow guidance from the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH), the CDC, and the Illinois State Board of Education.  The purpose of this message is to communicate with you important information related to the steps we are taking to help maintain the health and safety of all staff, students, and community members.

The IDPH continues to update recommendations regarding this rapidly changing situation.  As such, we are taking these proactive measures:

  • OLCHS is cleaned and disinfected daily by our custodial staff.  High traffic areas have also received a deeper nightly clean for the last two weeks.  This practice will continue.
  • Our student attendance expectations and procedures are unchanged.  Parents still need to report daily absences and we expect our students to be in attendance when they are healthy and that they remain at home when they are ill.  However, we are suspending the “No more than three absences” attendance component of our senior semester exam exemption criteria.  Full details of this policy change will be sent to seniors.  
  • At this point, we have suspended all non-essential travel plans for students and staff through Friday, April 10th.  This includes field trips as well as professional travel.  Regarding athletic and activity competition events, we will follow guidance from the IHSA.  We will continue to assess the situation and determine if the suspension should be extended.
  • We are taking measures wherever possible to avoid large group gatherings according to the recommendations from public health officials.  We have cancelled the Young Hearts for Life event, and our Spring pep assembly scheduled for April 9th will be postponed.  Our Spring Play performances will also be postponed.  The IHSA is restricting audience capacities at their upcoming events, including the Drama competitions hosted by OLCHS.


At this time, Oak Lawn Community High School is not canceling classes.  However, if it became necessary to close the school, OLCHS would collaborate with the local health department to determine the length of time and the steps moving forward.  Should a closure occur we will determine if eLearning is appropriate. Our school calendar currently allows for five emergency days. These emergency days can either be made up at the end of the year or supplemented with eLearning on the day of a closure.  OLCHS’s eLearning plan is available on our website at  Students should be bringing their iPads home each night.  If a family does not have access to wifi, please contact Janet Meyers at (708) 741-5924. 

In the event of a school closure or activation of eLearning, communication will be sent to families through a phone call, email, website, and media outlets.  


The IDPH recommends the best way to protect against Coronavirus is by taking these precautions:  

  • Washing your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
  • Avoiding touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Avoiding close contact with people who are sick.
  • Staying home when you are sick.
  • Covering your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched objects and surfaces.


The most accurate and up-to-date resource for COVID-19 information is the IDPH website.  Their “What You Need to Know” document can be found here.  

In addition, the IDPH is prepared to answer your questions about COVID-19. Families can call the hotline at (800) 889-3931 or email DPH.SICK@ILLINOIS.GOV.  

OLCHS administration will continue to closely monitor this situation and keep you updated.  Thank you for your support in helping keep our school community healthy and safe.