OLCHS Presents The Wizard of Oz


OLCHS proudly presents The Wizard of Oz! Take an unforgettable journey down the Yellow Brick Road to the magical land of Oz, and share the wonder and delight of live theater in our second musical in the new Performing Arts Center. Dorothy (played by Grace Pagliaro) and her trusty pup Toto encounter new friends—including Scarecrow (played by Marco Hernandez), Tin Man (played by Matthew McDonnell), and Cowardly Lion (played by Tomas Walsh) —and face the Wicked Witch (played by Alondra Camacho) and unexpected challenges in the musical stage adaptation of the landmark 1939 MGM film. Be dazzled by the spectacular setting and charmed by its timeless score, featuring such cherished classics as “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”—ultimately to discover that there’s truly no place like home.
Our students in the cast, crew, and pit band have been working diligently since August to put together this production, and they do not plan to disappoint!
You can order tickets online for our performances November 1st (7pm), 2nd (7pm) and 3rd (2pm)! Tickets can be ordered at https://www.eventbrite.com/o/oak-lawn-community-high-school-17838351457 or from the Performing Arts Center link at www.OLCHS.org. 

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