OLCHS Addresses Concerns Regarding Food Service Operations


The purpose of this communication is to help clarify some of the misinformation circulating within the school-community regarding our food service program and to share future student cafeteria plans.


There is no doubt that our new food service vendor stumbled on the first two days of school with the quality and quantity of food being served; however, the food options on Friday (Cheeseburger, Mac & Cheese, or Garden Salad; each served with vegetables, fresh/canned fruit, and milk/water) were appealing, student-friendly, and appetizing. The meals were prepared in our kitchen and served by the K-12 by Elior staff.


The vendor, K-12 by Elior, is among other service industry vendors facing the challenge of attracting and retaining an experienced labor force. This challenge was made more difficult with embracing the school’s new federally funded program of providing every student with a free breakfast and lunch. To facilitate the operations process, the District even leveraged their own personnel during the first two days to ensure that every interested student received a free meal.


As K-12 by Elior settles in by meeting their staffing needs and develops an understanding of our student participation habits, they will expand the free meal offerings and provide additional items for students to purchase. The first week was focused on providing free meals to students. K-12 by Elior will endeavor to have a la carte offerings available by the end of the week.


The District Administration has shared the frustrations of our students, families, and staff with the K-12 by Elior senior management. The management team acknowledges they have work to do to improve operations and be at a level the District expects. They are also committed to increasing their communications to the school-community. 


The District asks for your patience as we embrace the National School Lunch Program and the special opportunity to provide free breakfast entrees and lunches to every student regardless of income level.  


The District personnel will continue to work with K-12 by Elior to ensure freshly prepared, student-desired, and nutritious meal selections all freshly prepared onsite.


We encourage all our families to share this K-12 by Elior job application link with anyone interested in working in our kitchen. The employment hours are flexible and work well with parents of school-aged children looking to be home when their student is not in school.  https://secure.jobappnetwork.com/apply/c_afms/Food-Service-Worker-job-Oak-Lawn-IL-US-5791132.html


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