Oak Lawn Staff Continues To Share The Fine Arts


OLCHS staff members Bob Habersat and Jennifer Wargin never imagined that their homes would become their studios for the foreseeable future, and now they are reaching out beyond their classrooms and Oak Lawn Community High School could not be prouder of their contributions.  

Jennifer Wargin is an art teacher and instructional coach.  After a neighbor was discussing ways to engage her small daughter, Jennifer decided to help out by creating an art project video so the child had a way to follow along and create her own art.  Jennifer enjoyed this process so much that she decided to host an “Art Fun Friday” each Friday in April on her YouTube channel, spARTan PRIDE.  Her next session is scheduled for Friday, April 10, at 7:00 PM.  These art sessions are open to all students and families ages 2 – 102!  

Bob Habersat and Paul Levy are music teachers who are using their talents to support families, students and music programs throughout the country.  Bob Habersat and Paul Levy developed a music curriculum website, ShedTheMusic and are offering their Music Technology and Transcription curriculum for free to schools who are closed due to COVID-19.  Bob and Paul have also partnered with Bob Rogers Travel to bring a one-a-day musicianship challenge YouTube series to life.  Starting this week, they will host giveaways on the channel for students.  Bob Rogers will supply all awards, which includes a grand prize drawing of a $250 airline voucher.  For more information about the competition, click here.  Finally, Bob has taken the time to read stories for the children of Oak Lawn.  These stories can be found on the village website.

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