Oak Lawn Rising Star Gravelle Shatters 47-year-old Diving Record

Even though he just started diving a year and a half ago, junior Jeremy Gravelle is really making a splash in the pool this year. Better yet, he’s barely making any splash considering he is a diver for the Oak Lawn Community High School boys swimming and diving team.
Earlier this week, Gravelle absolutely cemented his name in Spartan lore by breaking a 47-year old six dive OLCHS record of 263.00 set by Mike Mastella when he scored 267.30. The impressive score also broke Ryan Reinke’s Stagg pool record of 247.4 by 20 points. However, this may be only the beginning for this promising star.
“Jeremy began springboard diving in August of 2019,” said OLCHS diving coach Forest Wagner. “I believe this will be the beginning of when Jeremy understands his role in his diving. I think he will eclipse that score multiple times during this year and in his senior year.”
“Jeremy and his teammates Harrison Brandt and Efrain Alvarez work tirelessly day in and day out with a lot of trial and error to make their performances look effortless. Congratulations to Jeremy on his record-breaking performance.”
Oak Lawn Community High School head boys swim coach Ben Reiff agreed that the sky is the limit for Gravelle.
“Jeremy is the type of athlete that all coaches want to work with: dedicated, intrinsically motivated, and composed,” Reiff said. Rarely does he let anything bring down his desire to improve and win. Smashing the 46-year-old record is merely a stepping stone for bigger successes in Jeremy’s athletic career.
Gravelle opened Tuesday’s performance with a front one-and-a-half with a twist, where he flipped one-and-a-half times forward while twisting on full revolution. He scored 6.5s and 7.0s to set the stage for the rest of the meet. Dive 2 was an inward one-and-a-half spinning somersault. He executed a good jump to complete the dive and received 6.0s across the board. Dive 3 was a back one-and-a-half pike. He scored 6.5s here.
“Jeremy began to feel more confidence in the beginning of the competition,” Wagner said. “He had a nice takeoff in Dive 3 and jumped that dive up well.”
Dive 4 was a front one-and-a-half with two twists. He scored 54 points on this one dive alone. Dive 5 was a front two-and-a-half somersault pike and scored 5.0s on this one. Dive 6, which is still a work in progress for Gravelle, was a reverse two-and-a-half somersault. For that dive he walked forward and flipped backward two-and-a-half times, then when upside down, kicked and landed in a handstand. The dive has a 3.0 degree of difficulty, and he scored 5.5s and 6.0s.
“He was a little anxious for the jump on Dive 5 and left the board early in anticipation of the jump,” Wagner said. “He was strong enough to make it upside down and earned those 5s. He has only been working on Dive 6 for three weeks now. That is a dive that college divers are not even able to do on a one-meter board. Jeremy rose to the occasion and handled the challenge.” 
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