Oak Lawn Police Department Awards Commendation to Nurse Amy Tucker and Detective Pete Hennessy


Detective Pete Hennessy, the High School Resource Officer, was monitoring an emergency radio call at the high school instructing the school nurse to report to the gymnasium, and he responded as well.  Detective Hennessy assisted school Nurse Amy Tucker in treating a 16 year old student as he laid on the gym floor. The student was responding to questions but at times appeared to be in a state of brief seizures.  Detective Hennessy contacted dispatch on his police radio and advised he needed an ambulance for a seizure victim at the school.

Suddenly the student became unresponsive.  Nurse Tucker announced that she could not find a pulse and she immediately initiated CPR.  Detective Hennessy retrieved the AED that Nurse Tucker had brought to the gym.  As Nurse Tucker performed CPR, Detective Hennessy attached the AED pads to the student’s chest.  Detective Hennessy delivered one shock from the AED while Nurse Tucker resumed CPR.  Suddenly the student made a noise and lifted up his leg. He was groggy, but regained consciousness.  Nurse Tucker continued to monitor the student.  He was transported by Oak Lawn Ambulance to Christ Hospital in a conscious and alert state.

Detective Hennessy and Nurse Tucker utilized their CPR/AED training to the utmost proficiency.  The actions of Nurse Tucker and Detective Hennessy saved the life of the student.  Oak Lawn Community High School and the Village of Oak Lawn are fortunate to have these dedicated professionals in their employ.

Detective Peter Hennessy and Nurse Amy Tucker are most deserving of an Oak Lawn Police Department Commendation.


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