Oak Lawn Hosts Spring Sports Awards Via Video To Honor Athletes

It wasn't how they anticipated this happening. It wasn't what they expected as the spring rolled around. And even though the season was over before it ever really began, OLCHS recently honored spring athletes with its 53rd Annual Sports Awards in video format to hand out well-earned recognition for outstanding accomplishments.
The most highly anticipated awards each year recognize the top male and female senior athletes. This year's Bill Godby Outstanding Male Athlete Award went to three-sport competitor (football, basketball, baseball) Kevin Swatek. The Geri Vandekreke Outstanding Female Athlete was awarded to Reagan Cameron, who surpassed 1,000 career points during the girls basketball season.
The Fred Parks Coach of the Year award was given to Steve Long after guiding the wrestling team to its first conference championship since 1992. There were two recipients for the four-year, three-sport Athlete Award, and they were Swatek and Matthew Bisonaya. The Spartan Distinguished Service Award was handed out to a very deserving Dennis Glowacki.
As for the scholastic awards, Sami Osmani, Joseph Virruso, and Megan Savaglio each received Joe Pajac Athletic Booster Club Scholarships.
Congratulations to all spring sport athletes.           
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