Oak Lawn Hoopsters Qualify For 3-ON-3 Tournament in Colorado


OLCHS fans have gotten used to hearing the phrase, “Osmani for three,” over the last few years, but now they are hearing Osmani for 3-on-3. Last weekend, four basketball players came together and won a FIBA 3-on-3 tournament at Lane Tech High School in Chicago.

Senior Adem Osmani, sophomore Sami Osmani, junior Bryan Beattie and sophomore Trey Ward went 5-0 against the competition and won the championship game 21-19. The victory qualified the group for the USA Basketball 3x3 National Tournament to be held in Colorado Springs, which will take place in March/April.

“We run open gyms in the fall and spring using FIBA 3x3 rules as a developmental tool, giving each player that participates more touches and game-like shots than in your typical 5x5 setting,” said OLCHS basketball head coach Jason Rhodes. “Our players’ experience with the rules and the best way to play what is a unique game gave them a nice edge on their opponents.” 

“The team of kids that won has a nice combination of skill, size, and shooting ability, which is critical. It was fun to watch them compete and gratifying to watch them win.”

The games are 10 minutes long or the first team to reach 21 points. All traditional baskets count as one point and traditional three pointers count as two points.


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