Nickless Accepted Into Transatlantic Educators Dialogue

Oak Lawn Community High School history teacher Jessica Nickless has been accepted into The Transatlantic Educators Dialogue (TED), a one-of-a-kind opportunity for educators in the United States of America and the European Union to come together online for shared exploration and examination of a variety of educational topics, such as immigration, educational equality, active teaching methods, and issues related to identity and difference.  This year, TED has invited 50 participants from 19 European countries and 18 US States/territories. The goal of the TED program structure is to create a space for dialogue that is centered on weekly topics while also encouraging participants to explore additional collaborations and discussions that are relevant to their specific interests and teaching goals and contexts. Each educator will attend weekly sessions where they will learn the many ways in which teaching contexts inform our understanding of instruction, pedagogy, mentoring, and our professional growth.
Jessica said, “The TED program will provide me the ability to talk with other teachers about how to most effectively develop the skills necessary to be critical thinkers, writers and actors on a global scale.  I do not believe we live in isolation.  We may all live in different countries, but we are certainly all connected by a network of international trade, arts, and technology.  We are likely to see a vast change in what the word ‘borders’ means.”
Assistant Principal Marcus Wargin said, “We are very proud of Jessica.  She is an essential member of both our Social Studies and English departments and this experience will easily translate across both curriculums.  I am excited to see what Jessica brings back to OLCHS."
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