Newly Elected Oak Lawn Community High School District 229 Board of Education Members Seated at Wednesdays Meeting

Oak Lawn Community High School District 229 would like to congratulate the newest members of the District 229 Board of Education. The following individuals were elected to the OLCHS District 229 school board during the April 4 Consolidated Election: Mr. Matthew Egan, Mr. Safaa Zarzour, Mr. John Hickey, and Mr. Vernon Zumhagen.
They will join Mr. Robert Loehr, Ms. Judy Ott, and Mr. Edward Wolf on the District 229 Board.  
“Our board members represent the local voice and vision for our community’s education priorities. They work as a team to support a shared educational mission and vision, and to put in place the policies and leadership that lead to a successful future for our students,” said District 229 Superintendent Michael Riordan.
School boards maintain a number of duties for the district, including representing the community’s voice for education decisions, the guardianship and expenditure of tax dollars and school funds, the development and implementation of district policies, the employment of a superintendent and the delegation of authority, and the establishment of district goals and monitoring progress towards those goals. School boards are also responsible for maintaining and preserving the buildings, grounds, and other areas of the district that the community has put in their trust.
“School board members are elected volunteers for the district and community. They are not paid. Most hold other jobs and many are raising families,” said Superintendent Riordan. “I want to thank them for taking on this responsibility and volunteering their time to help the district and to improve outcomes for our students. Well-run schools equate to better educational outcomes, and better educational outcomes and opportunities for our students create a thriving community for all our residents.”
The newly elected school board members were officially sworn-in and took the Oath of Office at the April 26th special meeting of the District 229 board of education. Also, during the meeting board members elected school board officers and set a time and place for regular board meetings, which are schedule for the third Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm.
The District is incredibly thankful for the service of the two Board members who recently completed their terms of office.  Mr. Mark Stanislawek served for the past four years, and Mr. Timothy Burke served for the past twelve years.
A calendar of regularly scheduled District 229 board of education meetings is available on the OLCHS website (


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