New Schedule Includes Advisory and Spartan Plus


Oak Lawn Community High School took two years to research and create a schedule that would best fit the needs of its students.  Included in this year’s new schedule are two new components to the school day: Advisory and Spartan Plus.

Advisory takes place every day after second period.  It is a time for students to meet with their teacher for 16 minutes for a variety of purposes. One, students will engage in a Social Emotional Learning curriculum designed to help students balance the demands in their life.  It is also a time for teachers to connect with students, check their grades and enjoy Stop, Drop and Read.

Spartan Plus replaces traditional study halls so that students can access their teachers four days a week after Advisory.  Students sign up in Skyward to visit their teachers throughout the week to get extra help, make up tests, and work on projects.  The format of this schedule gives students direct access to their teachers, in contrast to traditional study halls where students went to the same room every day with an assigned teacher.


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