Media Center Hosts a Human Library

To celebrate Global Society Fest, the Media Center hosted a Human Library on February 23. This special event, where people are the "books," encourages students and staff to tell their personal stories to create a stronger sense of community and inclusiveness. Conversations during Human Library are designed to challenge stereotypes and encourage respectful discussion. According to the Human Library website at, the event "creates a safe space for dialogue where topics are discussed openly between our human books and their readers." 
OLCHS topics included At Home At Hogwarts: My Life Reflected in Harry Potter, Find Your Compass: Jesus, High School & Salmon, My Mental Health: A Journey to WellnessProud to be Palestinian, Living Like a Robot: A Type 1's Story and Without Wifi Halfway Around the World
Participants included Khulud Abukroub, Jasmine Aceremo, Latifa Almatahen, Sarah Alsheikh, Alyssa Correa, Haven Rupsch, and math teacher Elizabeth Stalzer
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