It's March Mammal Madness

For the fourth year, Oak Lawn Community High School is participating in a special event - March Mammal Madness! 
The elaborate tournament of species, created by Arizona State University, is a "simulated" competition among species in a variety of settings. Participants study and consider aspects of different animals, such as running speed, fight style, physiology, and motivation. According to university library's website, the tournament is "inspired by (but in no way affiliated with or representing) the NCAA College Basketball March Madness Championship Tournament." No real animals are harmed in the tournament. 
For Spartans, it's a fun way to learn new information. The kick-off event, hosted in the Media Center, was filled with lively, heated conversations about animal characteristics. Student and staff tournament bracket winners, announced April 7, will receive prizes. 
The event is organized annually by Mrs. Jennifer Skendzel, science teacher.
Mammal Madness


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