Injuries, Schedules, Tough Tasks Can't Stop Pietrzak On Soccer Field

Facing the opponent’s best soccer player each and every game and trying to shut her down is a tough task for any teen. But then add in that this player is involved in an off-campus program at Moraine Valley Community College during the school day and has to drive back for practice, and things get even tougher. Then, suffering an injury makes it all even harder.
However, Oak Lawn Community High School’s senior Emily Pietrzak has overcome all of these hurdles and still led the Spartans to victory on the field. She is a shining example of determination and leadership.
“Emily is a four-year player and has shown tremendous growth on and off the field,” head coach John Faro said. “She is our senior leader and our captain. She plays a very difficult position on the field and is asked to shut down the opposing team’s best players.”
“Our wins on the season would not be possible if it weren’t for her communication, organization, and determination on the field. She is also highly dedicated to the team, recovering from injury and being a part of the CAN Program at MVCC. It says a lot about a person when she travels from off campus to make it back to practices to show her teammates how hard work pays off.”
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