Girls Golfer Burke Turns Summer Job Into Chick Evans Scholarship

When Lauren Burke entered Oak Lawn Community High School four years ago, it was easy to see she was dedicated to learning, had outstanding character, and she was going to accomplish whatever she set her mind to doing. However, it may not have been as obvious that the sport of golf would help pave the way to success. And four years later, she earned a Chick Evans Scholarship for college, which includes full housing and full tuition.
The Evans Scholars Foundation is the nation’s largest scholarship program for caddies, and it has helped hardworking young men and women get to college since 1930.
“The Evans Scholarship is an opportunity of a lifetime, and I feel extremely blessed to be a recipient,” Burke said. “I am honored and excited to be an Evans Scholar—it means the world to me.”
In joining the girls golf team, she actually helped establish the first girls golf team at OLCHS. She improved practice-by-practice, meet-by-meet, and the Spartans actually won their first-ever meet just this year. They defeated South Suburban Conference Red rival Reavis by a score of 242-285. Along the way she began caddying at Beverly Country Club. Combining her excellent resume as a student with her involvement as a caddie proved to be the golden ticket.
There is a total of 18 leading universities nationwide that Evans Scholars can attend. The requirements for the scholarship are having a strong caddie record, excellent academics, demonstrated financial need, and outstanding character. Burke certainly checked every box on those requirements.
She applied to five Evans Scholars Universities including Notre Dame, Wisconsin-Madison, Marquette, Purdue, and Illinois. The Evans Foundation will assign a school to her on or before March 1. So, until then her college destination is unknown, but her tuition and housing are all set.
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