Freshman-Sophomore Class Advisory Board Make Halloween Cards for Grace Point Place


Members of the Freshman-Sophomore Class Advisory Board (FSCAB) created Halloween cards for residents of Grace Point Place.  Grace Point Place is a memory care facility in Oak Lawn.  Twenty members of FSCAB came to the school to create cards while  social distancing.  Another 20 students gathered virtually online and created e-cards.  The e-cards were printed and combined with the physical cards.  Over 40 cards were delivered  by the FSCAB to every resident at Grace Point Place. 

Rae Erickson from Grace Point Place said “We actually saved the cards for a few days after I was able to meet with you until our Halloween party, and then read them out loud to all 49 of our residents while both floors were celebrating together. They loved the jokes and were so excited to get their own card addressed specifically to them. Please tell your students they are the best cards we have received in a very long time! The club is doing wonderful service work.”

Photograph:  FSCAB officers present Grace Point Place administrators with Halloween cards made by members.  (From left:  Grace Point Place administrators Shannon Dahlman and Rae Erickson and FSCAB officers Layla Khalil, Nadeen Halim, Paulina Komperda).


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