Freshman Baeza Soaks Up Coaching To Make Impact For Spartan Dance Team

It’s one thing to be a naturally gifted dancer, it is another to have that quality and be willing to accept criticism and pointers from coaches to continue to improve day in and day out. However, that is exactly what Oak Lawn Community High School freshman Ariana Baeza is doing on the Spartan dance team.
Baeza keeps a positive attitude and works hard to be the best she can be. The result is one great dancer who continues to get even better.
“We call Ariana ‘the sponge’ due to her incredible ability to absorb constructive criticism and immediately enhance her dance talent,” head coach Ryan Brandt said. “Ariana has had a smile on her face since the day she made the varsity dance team and proves herself to be determined, persistent, and passionate about dance. She even stays after school to correct her double pirouettes, which she now has down to perfection. Way to go, Ariana.”
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