Fall Athletes Recognized for Success in the Classroom


Recently, the Illinois High School Association and the South Suburban Conference recognized athletes for their hard work and success in the classroom by handing out Scholastic Achievement Awards. The IHSA recognized junior and senior student-athletes with a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or better, and the SSC honored senior student-athletes with a GPA of 3.5 or better. Here is the list of honorees for the fall season of 2018.

Boys Soccer: Jose Hernandez (4.6857), Michal Landa (4.3333), and Oskaras Patasius (4.7576).

Boys Cross Country: Matthew Arndt (4.2), Masato Cabalona (3.7778), James Enright (3.7778), Yousef Jaber (3.6389), and Michael Majcherek (4.0769).

Football: Jaime Marinez (3.6111), John McGowan (3.6667), and Joshua Ward (3.6061).

Golf: Marlene Favila (4.8387) and Cassidy McCormick (4.1842).

Girls Tennis: Ermira Agolli (3.8571), Julie Andrist (3.6053), Martyna Gugala (3.6216), Sabrin Jaber (3.7143), Natalie Para (3.9143), Stela Perojevic (4.6757), Yarah Quad (4.0857), and Dunia Samra (3.9286).

Girls Volleyball: Jaclyn Hannon (3.9412), Salaam Khater (4.7143), Mia Menzel (4.1951), Alexis Norris (3.6111), Ryleigh Novak (3.8611), and Samantha Welninski (4.5946).

Girls Swim: Peggy Fritz (4.2973), Valeria Gil-Martinez (3.6053), Grace Heneghan (4.0), Justine Kwak (4.525), and Maria Villagomez (3.8889).

Girls Cross Country: Tala Liqyanah (4.1143) and Matelda Sweis (4.5946).

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