Dancer Hall Earns Rare Opportunity To Perform In Rome


In life, when that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity presents itself, a high school athlete has to simply reach out and grab it. Dancer Adriana Hall is doing just that over Winter Break. If fact, she is reaching out all the way to Rome, Italy to participate in something special.

This summer at the Universal Dance Association Camp, three Oak Lawn dancers were chosen as All-American recipients. These girls had to learn an extra routine, add in their own choreography, and perform in front of the entire camp. After hard work and solid performances, Hall, Casey Ostrowski, and Aaliyah Cook-Hill were the Spartans chosen to do this.
As a result, they were all given the opportunity to attend the New Year’s Day parade in Rome, Italy. Hall jumped at the chance. She will be learning a routine and flying to Rome with her mother over Winter Break to perform.

“She is the first Oak Lawn dancer to attend this event, and we are so proud of her,” said OLCHS dance coach Alex Young. “We really want her to be recognized for this opportunity.”

This is the second consecutive year that Hall earned All-American status. She was recognized last year as a freshman as well.

“Most teams only offer their upper classmen a shot at making All-American, but Adriana’s talent and passion for performance has proved her capable of winning this award from day one,” said fellow OLCHS dance coach Ryan Brandt. “We are so thankful to have her on our team to represent Oak Lawn.”

So, this New Year’s Day while high school students here in the United States are watching parades, watching football, and taking a break from school, Hall will be making a dream come true overseas. It is sure to be a moment she will remember for a lifetime.

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