Curriculum, Assessment Focus for May in Role As Assistant Principal


Sometimes the numbers simply add up for a perfect fit. So when Oak Lawn Community High School announced that its own Division Chairperson Lauren May was taking over as Assistant Principal with an emphasis on curriculum development and assessment, the school was calculating that it would be a total success. Past results certainly give confidence in that.

May has been part of the Spartan faculty since 2000, and she has served as English Teacher, Teacher Mentor, leader of countless committees, Dean of Students, Division Chair and now moves into her most challenging role yet as Assistant Principal. But her curriculum background and focus on data-driven ideologies for teaching certainly should pay dividends in this new position.

“I look forward to serving the students, parents, and staff of Oak Lawn in this new capacity,” May said. “Our school is lucky to have a distinguished and dedicated staff possessing not only vast content knowledge, but also the skill to make that learning accessible to the students we serve.

“OLCHS has made great strides over the last few years as we’ve focused on identifying the important knowledge and skills that students need as well as how to best develop and measure that learning. I am very excited to be able to continue our progress.”

There is no doubt May will help to advance this process in her new role. As Division Chair she was instrumental in using data to measure growth of students and then leading teachers to use that data to improve teaching methods in order to best reach the students. Maybe her greatest asset has been her ability to allow staff members to use their own teaching styles and personalities to enhance the data-driven methods.

“OLCHS offers incredible opportunities for all students through our core academic programs as well as our Advanced Placement and dual credit offerings,” she said. “It’s important that we continue to find pathways for all students to have equitable access to rigorous and challenging coursework. Building consensus about how to best create a system that works for all students will be a major undertaking.”

The product of this vision and energy should be continued success by the student body and faculty at OLCHS for years to come.            


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