Congratulations to the Oak Lawn Community High School theater program for their hard work this weekend at Sectionals. The Contest Play advances to State after earning the title of Sectional Champions. Mariana Salazar, Mariam Chuli, Melanie Cabrera, Jet Peleaz, Matthew Perry, Shawn Perry, Vasili Patrianakos, and Kathryn Fragapane were all given the honor of All-Sectional Cast for Contest Play. Additionally, a special congratulations to Group Interpretation who finished fourth in Sectionals.  All-Sectional Cast for GI includes Orlando Ramirez, Max Cipriani, Emma Faucault-Miller, Layla Nemri, and Maya Quiñonez. 
The Contest Play cast includes Mariana Salazar, Melanie Cabrera, Mariam Chuli, Jet Palaez, Mustafa Trashani, Emiliano Ruvalcaba, Rosie Caprio, and Haven Rupsch. The crew includes Taylor Micele, Bel Davison, Fay Galvan, Ember Hansen, Lily Hansen, Quinn Haywood, Vanessa Hernandez, Volcan Hernandez, Aimee Lopez, Sophie Mathews, Kai McNulty, Saeed Mulhem, Luke Roskos, Amber Trigg, Ethan Zumhagen, Orlando Ramirez, Max Cipriani, Emma Faucault-Miller, Layla Nemri, Maya Quiñonez, Tori Prause, Sam Bergamo, Chesca Crosby, Gianna Golden, Olivia Kobylarczyk, Mikey Mills, Fotis Patrianakos, Hailey Rabideaux, Maggie Sheehan, and Amelia Wiski.
“It has been such an incredible season for these students. Since January we have been working on this production and to have earned the incredible feedback we have received so far has just been so valuable and powerful. The students have taken on the ownership of their characters, worked cohesively as a team, and have grown as not only individual performers but as leaders. Watching the students work so closely to create this story and focus on their development and overall performance has been so inspiring and will definitely set the bar higher for future competitive productions and casts. Our directing team has just worked so well together in so many ways to make sure that we are putting on this best version of this production every time we perform. The crew has been so talented, hardworking, and motivated to create and shape this show in some of the most important ways. Thank you to everyone who has worked with us over the past few months, and we look forward to our performing experience this weekend.”
 Assistant Principal Marcus Wargin said, “Oak Lawn is proud of the hard work both casts and crew put into the Drama and Group Interpretation Sectional competition.  We are excited to have our contest play in the state series.  It is an incredible opportunity for our actors and a testament to the continued dedication of our directing staff.  Break a leg Spartans!”



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