Career Scoring Leader Osmani Signs As Preferred Walk-On At Creighton


During the 2016-17 boys basketball season, junior Adem Osmani was starting to emerge as a leader for the Spartans, and they were beginning to turn a corner with success. However, on December 17 of that season, another Osmani made his debut in an Oak Lawn Community High School uniform, and that Osmani was freshman Sami.

Sami would end up playing 22 games on the varsity level that year. He averaged 7.3 points per game, and as the saying goes, the rest is history. Four years later, Osmani would end his senior season as the all-time leading scorer in school history and lead the Spartans to their most successful season in decades.

Now, Sami Omani is prepared to write another chapter in this basketball story. He recently committed to attend the National Collegiate Athletic Association Division 1A mens basketball program at Creighton University as a preferred walk-on. This commitment came just days after Oak Lawn teammate Trey Ward shared his intentions to attend and play hoops at St. Xavier University.

“I’m very thankful to have this opportunity and play the game I love for a great program and culture like Creighton’s,” Osmani said. “It will be exciting representing the Oak Lawn community. As a preferred walk-on, I have a lot to prove and will continue to strive for excellence on the court and in the classroom.”

Osmani came up to the varsity level during that freshman year as an intense defender, who would not back down from any challenge. But it was easy to see immediately that he had an inner drive to push himself for more and more. He did just that with intense offseason workouts and then his self-confidence and natural leadership skills took him to the next level individually.

As a junior he really started to garner attention from opposing coaches and fans and filled up the hoop to the tune of 22 points per game. And as a senior, the Spartans put all of the pieces in place with a strong supporting cast to get Oak Lawn into the area’s Top 25. Now, he is poised to become a big piece of a new puzzle at Creighton.

“The opportunity at Creighton is exactly what Sami was looking for, to get a foot in the door and a chance to prove himself at the highest level possible,” said Oak Lawn boys basketball head coach Jason Rhodes. “Such a Sami thing to do, I love it…all his hard work paid off. Being the number one student in his class afforded him the chance to chase his dream at an excellent school for an excellent coach and program that I think is a great fit.”

“They won’t be disappointed with what he will bring to their basketball program on an everyday basis, and with his work ethic, I’m really excited to see how he continues to grow his game and develop his skills and his body over the next few years there. Go Bluejays.”

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