Back-To-School Night Tonight


Back-to-School Night

Wednesday, September 9, 2020, 5:00 PM - 7:30 PM, Virtual

OLCHS would like to invite all families to our first ever virtual Back-to-School Night.  This event is an opportunity for families to hear from their student’s teachers and hear a brief overview of their course expectations.  This evening will also include an opportunity to learn how to setup and use a parent app Canvas account and to hear from our Student Services Department and Deans.  

Each teacher will upload either a pre-recorded video or a Webex link in their student’s Canvas course.  Parents should work with their students to view videos or join WebEx calls at the appropriate time.  Families should follow their student’s schedule and if attending a video call, meet at the corresponding period times listed below. 


Start Time

End Time

Parent Canvas App Training

5:00 PM

5:30 PM

Student Services & Dean's Office

5:30 PM

5:45 PM

Zero Hour

5:50 PM 

6:00 PM

Period 1

6:05 PM

6:15 PM

Period 2

6:20 PM

6:30 PM

Period 4/5/6

6:35 PM

6:45 PM

Period 7/8/9

6:50 PM

7:00 PM

Period 9

7:05 PM

7:15 PM

Period 10

7:20 PM

7:30 PM

Special Session Links


Canvas Parent App Training (Live Session), 5:00 PM

In this session, we will learn how to setup and navigate the Canvas parent app.  Canvas Parent enhances the potential for parents to engage in their children's education. Parents can review upcoming or past assignments, check on grades, and receive alerts for student activity. Canvas Parent can be used by any Canvas user with an observer account. 

Parents can use the Canvas Parent app on Android devices using Android 5.0 or later and iOS devices using iOS 10.0 or later.


Dean’s Office (Live Session), 5:30 PM

Come meet our Dean’s Office Staff and learn about our discipline system in a remote setting.

Meeting number (access code): 120 258 8579

Meeting password: GsFPuWQm553


OLCHS Dean Student Meetings (Video Recordings)

Grade 9 Dean Meeting

Grades 10-12 Dean Meeting​om/watch?v=rWnq_17d2Wo


Student Services (Video)

Check out what our Student Services Office has to offer.​eo  


Welcome to the OLCHS Media Center! (Video)

Since we can not be together in person, we're showing you highlights of the Media Center.  Watch our 3:16 minute video here…​7PlA

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Back-to-School Night?  

Back-to-School Night is an opportunity for families to hear about the processes and procedures used for each class.  If parents need to discuss individual students please email the teacher.  There will not be time in these sessions to discuss individual student needs.   

Who should attend Back-to-School Night?

Parents and guardians of OLCHS students are invited to attend Back-to-School Night.  Students do not need to attend Back-to-School Night, but will need to help families access Canvas, videos, and WebEx call links. 


How can parents attend Back-to-School Night? 
Teacher videos or WebEx links will be posted to the student’s Canvas pages for all the classes.  Parents can watch pre-recorded videos by clicking on the video link or attend the video meetings by logging on with their student’s device or using the link on their own device.  If parents do not have a device or have difficulty with the calls, they can use their student’s school issued iPads.  Students should be able to assist parents with accessing videos or call setups if needed.  Links for the Canvas training and the Student Services/Dean sessions will be emailed out separately in a Back-to-School Night message.  


What is Parent Canvas App Training?

Canvas allows parents to have their own Canvas accounts that are linked to the student accounts.  Once parents set up a parent Canvas account, they will be able to monitor their student’s progress in the courses their student is signed up for.  This training is optional.


Is the Student Services/Dean session mandatory?

No, the Student Services/Dean session is an opportunity to hear what each department is focusing on during this remote learning period.  Feel free to watch their pre-recorded videos at any time. 


What if family members cannot attend Back-to-School Night?

Back-to-School night is an opportunity for families to connect with a student’s teachers.  If you cannot attend please discuss class expectations with your student and continue to check both Skyward and Canvas to monitor student progress.  Several staff members will provide pre-recorded videos that can be watched at a later time and date.  If you have specific questions about a course or your students progress please contact your student’s teacher through email.  

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