Athlete Registration Now Open


The Athletic Department has officially opened up athlete registration for the 2018-19 school year. New this year will be a parents’ ability to sign their student up for any of the twenty-four athletic programs offered between the fall, winter, and spring seasons.

Please take the opportunity to register your child for all sports they plan to participate in next school year. First time users of the registration system will need to create their username and password.  Returning users from last year will need to remember or retrieve their password from this past school year to successfully register their student.  Please refrain from creating a new username and password as important information like sports physical data will be lost in creating a new user.  Please remember your username and password as you will be required to register your student annually for our athletic programs.

A parent resource document is available through the athletic page of the school’s website to assist with the registration process.  Please make sure that you are registering with Oak Lawn Community High School and not another high school. You can confirm this by checking the URL site to make sure it says oaklawncommunityhs.8to18.

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